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Cam Sessions- $2.50 per minute
Phone Sessions- $1.99 per minute
Must be 18+ with Valid Credit Card
Billed Discreetly

Humiliation Training Phone Sex and Cam Sessions

Email: madamerotic@gmail.com
Yahoo: Mistress.Lillith
Skype: Mistress.Lillith

Ever had a phone mistress what you jerk that little dick off on cam? Have you been humiliated beyond belief?

I bet you loved every last minute of it didn’t you stroker boy?

Now not only are you being humiliated over the phone — but you can lock your eyes right on mine as I make you feel smaller than your 3 inch dicklette.

I am Mistress Lillith, the lifestyle mistress that you seek to serve, obey and belong to. While I am well versed in more fetishes than you could probably wrap your cock stroking fingers around–I do have a few specialties that I quite enjoy–

Humiliation being right at the top. I love erotic humiliation–Humiliating you for a variety of reasons.

Humiliating you because of your small pathetic little dick that couldn’t please a mouse.

Humiliating you because you enjoy wearing women’s panties and lingerie or have your sissy fantasies.

Humiliating you because your wife/girlfriend regularly fucks other men while you get to sit there and watch as the pathetic cuckold that you are.

Even humiliating you simply because you are on your knees begging for the attention of a superior woman like me.

The reasons to humiliate you are infinite  So It does go at the top of my specialties list. But, since I am not a tunnel vision mistress– I also enjoy:

 ~CBT ~Strapon/Anal Training ~Sissfication/Feminzation ~forced and coached cum eating ~Giantess roleplays ~guided masturbation ~tease and denial ~slut training ~forced bi ~shoe, pantyhose fetish ~spanking/flogging ~smoking ~erotic roleplays ~AB/DL ~forced intox ~and a variety of other sexual kinks and fetishes

I also have an attitude that ranges from the more sensual side of domination , to the much more strict, demanding, bitch of a mistress side.

So lets play my pet…You know I have peaked your curiosity. Get to know me, gimme a call. I look forward to humiliating you~